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The Beijing Axis is a China-focused international advisory and procurement firm operating in four principal areas: Commodities, Capital, Procurement, and Strategy.

Since our establishment in 2002, we have successfully worked with many international and Chinese MNCs across various sectors and industries, with a core focus on the mining and resources, industrial and engineering sectors. Our work is always cross-border – supporting international firms as they act in unfamiliar territory in China, or supporting Chinese firms as they venture out and 'go global'. We are committed to safety and sustainability, and our solutions emphasise 'actions and transactions'.

Our company is organised along four synergistic cross-border business units: Beijing Axis Commodities, Beijing Axis Capital, Beijing Axis Procurement and Beijing Axis Strategy:

Beijing Axis Commodities, Beijing Axis Capital, Beijing Axis Procurement and Beijing Axis Strategy

Beijing Axis Commodities supports commodity producers with their international marketing efforts and the structuring of off-take agreements, and assists commodity consumers with their procurement efforts in securing supply. We offer comprehensive services across the transaction chain, from origination, negotiation, and structuring to logistics. We can also assist in arranging financing in selected cases. Through our entrenched on-the-ground position in China and extensive networks, we are a trusted partner for both buyers and sellers.

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society is the regional professional body for Logistics practitioners.

Practically all areas of the Logistics spectrum are represented in the Society. Shippers, Freight Forwarders, Academics, Students, Carriers, Personal Effects Movers and other individuals and organisations form our core. With an emphasis on commercial experience and expertise we are the lead platform for the development of Logistics in the region and work with our members, government, organisations and professionals in raising the profile and expertise through a range of activities.

Like most professional bodies, the Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society emphasises a commitment to ongoing education and encourages performance consistent with a generally agreed body of knowledge or standards. Members of our Society are recognised as members of a professional body through the work we continue to perform.

The L&SCMS has the proven history, framework, value for money and strategic reach to make it the right choice for you.

The Society was formed by Logistics professionals with the following objectives :-

To promote professional development of Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
To serve as a resource centre for its members and parties interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management;
To serve as a resource centre and focal point that demonstrably
reinforces Singapore as a regional Logistics and trans-shipment hub; and
To advance, study and disseminate techniques and applications on Logistics and Supply Chain Management.


PASIA is at the heart of the huge shift that will see Asia Pacific and the Middle East become two thirds of the world economy by 2030.

It is at the heart because PASIA is the leading procurement and supply association in the region and is at the forefront of advancing the profession to be ready for this shift through advancing ethics, excellence and eServices.

PASIA is a non-stock, non-profit organization based in Asia and serving Asia Pacific and the Middle East. PASIA goes beyond procurement and supply management professionals alone to develop a multi-disciplined community of procurement, finance, manufacturing, IT, C-level executives and Government Department Heads. The purpose of this community is both to recognize and to leverage the procurement and supply management within companies and government to impact spends strategically. CEO's, Boards and Government are awakening to the fact that their total spend requires applied expertise along the whole supply chain from procurement to pay to and cross all categories of spend to both impact costs and reduce their risks.

PASIA is a unique network that leverages across countries in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East and tackles strategic procurement and supply management issues. It provides opportunities for the promotion of the profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge.

ProjectConnect is an online service designed to list project opportunities and to connect Australian businesses together to find industry suppliers or identify new business opportunities.

ProjectConnect allows businesses of all sizes to become involved in major project work, from prime contractors to small subcontractors. By publishing contact details of companies that have been awarded work on projects, we enable all businesses to build new relationships and networks throughout industry.

ProjectConnect is free, so there is no charge for businesses to create a company profile, register interest in project opportunities and access contact information of contract winners. If you want access to some advanced tools to make your life easier, there is a subscription charge to be paid. However, all information on the system is free of charge.

SIPMM ACADEMY provides a wide range of structured academic courses in business management, international business, accounting and finance, engineering management, logistics and supply chain management, and purchasing and materials management. Courses are offered at Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma level. Most of these courses are approved for grants by the government's Skills Development Fund.
SIPMM ACADEMY started out as an educational arm of the professional institute of SIPMM, which was established in 1972, about 42 years ago. Today, the courses at SIPMM ACADEMY are widely accepted by the industries and business organisations. SIPMM graduates are granted advanced standings in universities such as the Birmingham University (UK), Sunderland University (UK), and Southern Cross University (Australia).

The Academy has an extended corporate training and consulting arm, that conducts Professional and Executive development workshops on a regular basis. These regular workshops are either organised as (1) Public Training Workshops, conducted in hotels; or customised as (2) In-Company Focused Trainings, delivered at premises decided by the companies.

The focus of each workshop topic is on the development of either professional or execution skill; such as negotiation, cost-savings strategy, warehousing, trade operations, purchasing operations, contract law, supply chain management, supplier management, strategic procurement, global sourcing, integrated logistics management, tender evaluation and contract management.

For more information on SIPMM Courses, visit the site at
For more information on SIPMM Workshops, visit the site at

Talent Development for Successful Supply Management: Recommendations for Oil & Gas industry
Supply Management executives routinely and consistently cite top grading, transforming or building out their teams as an important priority.  All this is necessary to keep pace with their dynamic business requirements and the constantly shifting talent landscape.  Regardless of industry, company or geography, the challenges remain the same. How do we find, attract and retain these human capital assets that will be vital to our success in the future? This sharing is a synopsis focusing on what supply management practitioners are doing and can do to ensure adequate human resources for their organisation’s supply management success.

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