Post-conference in-depth learning sessions – Thursday 9 October

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Session A:
Optimising contract negotiations for procurement and supply chain

Negotiations within procurement no longer simply focus on a lowest cost outcome, with
other factors, including sustainability, reputation, relationship, local content and
lifecycle costs becoming increasingly important factors in assigning contracts. As
such, when negotiating contracts, there are numerous features which need to be
considered and compared between suppliers/contractors and comparisons can
become increasingly difficult.

This multi-faceted negotiation process is thus making it increasingly significant for
procurement teams to fulfil strategic objectives and continuing to develop your
negotiation skills and strategies has never been more important.

This in-depth learning session will focus on developing your negotiation skills and
examine the following topics:

  • How to plan for a negotiation
  • Developing a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement)
  • Tips on how to speak and observe during the negotiation process
  • Structuring a negotiation to help achieve your own desired outcomes

Developing a negotiation strategy with clear objectives and planning for negotiations is
imperative for a successful end result, this session is your opportunity to refresh and
update your skills so that you can add more value to your organisation through your
negotiation skills.

Charlie Villasenor
, Chief Executive and Chairman, Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia (PASIA)


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