Conference Day One – Tuesday 7 October

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08:15       Registration and welcome coffee

09:00       Opening address from the Chair:

Charlie Villasenor, Chief Executive and Chairman, Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia


Examining the major procurement trends impacting the oil and gas sector

09:10       Opportunities in contracting and procurement to create a competitive advantage

  • Assessing whether procurement teams today help their organisations achieve a competitive advantage
  • How procurement can play a role in achieving strategic objectives
  • Strategies to ensure your team can create a bottom-line advantage

Hendrik Snyman, Chief Procurement Officer, Woodside Energy

09:40      The role of value engineering and value management in the procurement function

  • Value engineering in modern oil and gas projects
  • How to identify which functions in your projects can be improved to reduce costs or improve productivity
  • Carefully planning changes to your functions – how to minimise risk
  • Implementation & monitoring – why measuring success is critical

Hans Joseph Rausch Restrepo, Procurement & Sourcing Manager Asia, Schlumberger

10:20       Morning tea

10:50       How to facilitate procurement transformation within your organisation

  • Benefits of creating a service delivery model encompassing strategic and transactional procurement
  • Developing functional expertise and centre of excellence to drive procurement transformation
  • Facilitating change management within the organisation

Ramesh Veeramuthu, Head of Procurement, MODEC

               Contracting and procurement trends and their impact on supply chians

  • How has the procurement profession evolved?
  • What are the future transformations still to impact PSCM leaders?
  • Why supply chains need to be an integral part of the business

Panel moderator:
Charlie Villasenor
, Chief Executive and Chairman, Procurement and Supply Institute of Asia
Hendrik Snyman
, Chief Procurement Officer, Woodside Energy
Hans Joseph Rausch Restrepo
, Procurement & Sourcing Manager Asia, Schlumberger
Ramesh Veeramuthu
, Head of Procurement, MODEC

12:20       Networking lunch

13:20       Dealing with fraud in the procurement processes

  • How serious of a problem is fraud in South East Asia?
  • Where is fraud happening and why?
  • What can be done to mitigate and reduce fraud risk?

Michael Skyum, Head of Supply Chain and Procurement, BW Offshore

How to implement best practice procurement in your organisation

14:00       Optimising contract negotiations for procurement and supply chain professionals

  • Planning and preparing for a negotiation
  • Structuring a negotiation to help achieve your desired outcomes
  • Developing a BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negoiated Agreement)

Charlie Villasenor, Chief Executive and Chairman, Procurement and Supply Chain Institute of Asia (PASIA)

14:40       Afternoon tea

15:10       CASE STUDY:
               Strategic procurement of logistics services in the oil and gas industry

  • How strategic procurement of logistics service differs from others
  • Adapting international experience to ensure best practice logistics procurement in Asia
  • How Halliburton is ensuring best in show logistics procurement processes

Jason Leong, Regional Logistics Manager, Halliburton

15:50       CASE STUDY:
               Utilising core procurement principles to establish new drilling projects at Jasper Offshore

The role feasibility studies and risk assessment need to play in pre-construction planning
How Jasper Offshore incorporates local rules and regulations into the development of its supply base and supply chain
How feasibility, risk assessment and local rules and regulation interact when executing a new drilling project set up

Mohana Vijayan, Director of Procurement, Jasper Offshore

16:20        Identify, understanding and minimising risks in supply chains

  • Cultural and legal considerations when operating throughout Asia
  • How to execute effective supplier audits
  • Identifying and measuring risks and then acting to achieve an acceptable risk profile

Greg Edmonds, Chief Executive Officer, Project Procure

16:50       Closing remarks from the Chair

17:00       End of day one and networking drinks


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