Australian Gas Export Outlook 2014 Conference

Global energy demand is growing and liquefied natural gas (LNG) is set to play a major role in filling this demand growth in coming decades. The real challenge is in developing reliable, sustainable supply.

There are three major emerging suppliers – Canada, the USA and East Africa and Australia is going to have to compete. High costs are putting billions of dollars of future investment in Australian LNG projects at risk.

The Australian Gas Export Outlook 2014, 24-26 June in Brisbane is a high-profile forum where politicians, producers, buyers, bureaucrats and expert analysts will gather to discuss Australia’s place in future global LNG race.

In the words of Keith Orchison, the head of the event’s advisory panel, "While much of the day-to-day debate in Australia is about domestic gas prices, the rows over coal seam methane development and the efforts to make current LNG projects viable, it would be folly to lose sight of the longer-term and the prospects for Australia to become the leader in international gas trade.

Delivering key industry speakers including: 

“Australia has the potential to be a world leader in gas with all sorts of spin-off advantages. But it isn’t enough to have an abundant resource. We have significant hurdles to overcome to achieve enduring success at a global level. Above everything else, we need a stable and predictable investment climate.” - David Byers, Chief Executive, APPEA (Gas Today - 20 March 2014)

Key topics to be covered at the Australian Gas Export Outlook 2014:

  • Global LNG supply/demand and pricing outlook
  • International buyer perspectives on global LNG supply options
  • Reviewing and assessing international supply competition for Australia’s LNG
  • How the project economics stack up for Australia’s key LNG projects
  • The impact of rising costs for Australian hydrocarbons projects
  • Examining ways to increase productivity in upstream projects
  • Unconventional gas development opportunities and challenges and the impact on   LNG exports
  • Price implications of LNG export for domestic gas users

Key benefits of attending:

  • Hear expert opinions on global LNG price forecasts
  • Understand what is driving demand in key buying nations
  • Stay on top of the latest purchasing arrangements and contracting trends
  • Realise the implications of the LNG boom for the broader Australian economy
  • Discover how key influencers plan to increase productivity, drive down costs and capture future investment
  • Discuss regulation reform and streamlining approvals processes


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