Agribusiness Outlook Australia 2015 conference

Key trends, best practice strategies, innovative solutions and technologies for senior executives in the agribusiness sector

With the global “food boom” set to take hold over the next decade, Australian agribusiness leaders are increasingly looking for growth opportunities and strategies to help enable them to become an important player in meeting Asia’s growing demand for food and agricultural products as well as meet increasing domestic demand.

The Agribusiness Outlook Australia 2015 conference will bring together primary soft commodities producers, food manufacturers and value adders, commodity traders, government bodies, local and international investors and all solution and service providers for a high-level experience to discuss and debate the key challenges, opportunities and outlook for the agribusiness sector.

Hear national and international examples of innovative investment and funding models to drive growth in the Australian agribusiness sector, the risks of environmental and productivity instability as a result of climate change, and the infrastructure challenges facing the rapidly growing agroindustry in Australia.

Delivering key industry experts including:

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Benefits of Attending: 

  • Analyse the outlook for Australia’s key agricultural commodities and the opportunities and challenges of further expanding production
  • Access expert analysis on Australia’s agricultural export outlook in the context of recent Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and international competition
  • Examine local and international examples of innovative investment and funding models to drive growth in the Australian agribusiness sector
  • Discover the best strategies to engage with government and ensure favourable regulation and policies for the agribusiness sector
  • Learn how Australia can become better recognised globally as a supplier of premium primary agricultural and value-added products
  • Discover innovative ways to extract greater efficiency, productivity and profitability from your operations
  • Hear the latest strategies for dealing with climate change impacts on agribusiness

Agribusiness Outlook Australia 2015 will address the key challenges being faced by senior agribusiness executives:

  • How the Australian agribusiness sector can minimize the impact of international competition and global economic uncertainty
  • Understanding Australia’s opportunities to become a globally recognised supplier of premium products and to meet the growing demand
  • Examining local and international investment alternatives and funding models for the Australian agribusiness sector
  • Assessing the long terms risks of environmental and productivity instability as a result of climate change
  • Overcoming infrastructure related challenges in the rapidly expanding agribusiness sector
  • Industry tailored approaches to fostering favourable agribusiness policies and regulations
  • Implementing innovative strategies to ensure higher efficiency, productivity and profitability

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With a room full of key decision makers and buyers from the agribusiness sector, you cannot afford miss out on networking with these key sales prospects. Attendees will be actively seeking new ways to become more efficient, productive, improve infrastructure and cope with looming climate change, and the Agribusiness Outlook Australia 2015 conference is your opportunity to place your solutions at the front of their mind. Maximise your marketing return on investment and tailor a sponsorship package to suit your needs.

Attendees at Agribusiness Outlook Australia 2015 will be looking to learn from best practice case studies, and discover services and solutions that will help them increase productivity, cope with climate change, and engage with government to improve infrastructure and regulations. This is your opportunity to place your brand at the front of their minds.

The agricultural sector needs your solutions!

  • Keep your brand awareness top-of-mind and associate your business solutions with an industry gathering of the highest standard
  • Nurture existing customer relationships and build your lead generation for your sales team
  • Demonstrate how your products, services and solutions fill a need for customers and sell to them at a time when they are engaged and actively seeking solutions
  • Increase your marketing return on investment by tailoring a sponsorship package to your direct sales goals

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