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Gas Today at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydney in March



Gas Today is the only Australian magazine dedicated to the entire natural gas vertical, from exploration and production through to the end user. Gas Todayprovides information on major projects and the latest products and technology, as well as producing key resources such as its Gas Industry Directory, maps and wallcharts.

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Coolibah is Keith Orchison’s energy website

There are more than 425 posts on this site on This is Power blog and more than 100 Coolibah Commentary monthly newsletters — access to them is completely free.

You can subscribe to receive Coolibah Commentary by email — still at no cost!

This site’s focus is on Australian electricity supply news and issues in particular and on national energy issues more generally, reflecting Keith Orchison’s 33 years’ experience in these fields.

Power supply prices, emissions, ownership and developments are big news these days — as up to 27,000 a month unique pageviews on the Coolibah site attests.

Coolibah Pty Ltd is an energy communications and issues management consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. It provides advisory services to government, industry associations, management consultancies and companies engaged in a wide range of energy activities and services.




On Power is a targeted, online and print publication, a market observer and commentator for the Australian power industry. is essential reading for time poor power stakeholders, delivering access to news, commentary, market intelligence and policy insight from Keith Orchison as well as  leadership interviews, as you work to cope with a highly uncertain business environment. A yearly subscription is $240,

Built on the 30+ years of Keith Orchison’s experience and knowledge of the Australian energy sector, aims to bring this knowledge and insight to Australia’s power industry professionals. Hundreds of power industry executives already look to Keith Orchison as their reliable source of electricity sector information, interpretation and commentary.

Keith Orchison’s On Power also incorporates a published annual overview of the Australian electricity sector that is delivered directly to every MP and Minister across Australia, leading broking and financial companies, industry commentators and opinion leaders. Corporate profile packages are available in the publication.

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Oil and Gas Investor at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydney

Launched in 2014, Oil and Gas Investor Australia is a dynamic publication that covers exploration, drilling and production in all of Australia’s basins, onshore and offshore. Through expert analysis and commentary, readers receive insight and updates on technology, operations, and business news in a fresh way. Our experienced team of editors and journalists use their informed perspectives to ensure the most relevant and up-to-date material possible. Spanning the entire oil and gas industry, OGI Australia delivers key information for those in the upstream, midstream and LNG sectors.

Upstream at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference in Sydney




Upstream and are the premium paid-for news sources in the oil and gas industry. With a fully paid pass-on readership of 32,000 in over 100 countries, Upstream and have built up a credibility and reputation in the oil gas industry that more and more advertisers are capitalising on. With its hard-hitting mix of breaking news, industry features, personal profiles, technology and financial coverage, Upstream is the best- read weekly newspaper in the industry. provides you with 24- hour a day real time news, a comprehensive archive, up-to-the-minute statistics and a number of other subscriber benefits.

Oil & Gas Australia at the Domestic Gas Outlook Conference in Sydney in 2016




In 2015 Energy Publications will celebrate a proud milestone on the 34th anniversary of the company’s legacy as the leading resource journal publishers in the Asia Pacific.

For over three decades Energy Publications, through its flagship Oil & Gas Australia magazine and other titles, Oil & Gas Asia, PNG Resources and Asia Pacific Subsea World, has established itself as the world acknowledged authority of the oil and gas sector in the region.

In the process the publishing house has expanded its influence in the global market, producing specialist publications on behalf of the petroleum industries of Britain, Norway and Canada.

It has been a spectacular ride since Oil & Gas Australia magazine first flowed off the presses in 1981 on a journey that has inspired everyone at Energy Publications to raise the bar ever higher to enhanced levels of excellence.

That is our commitment to this dynamic industry moving forward into a new, exciting era of increasing energy demands – notably in China and India – and the challenging ways that the industry is ramping up to meet those needs.

Oil & Gas Australia is a frequent asked publisher of one-off magazines celebrating the milestones of leading oil and gas producers in the region.

Our PNG Resources magazine is the bible of publications in Papua New Guinea, delivering a unique, accurate and up-to-date coverage of mining and petroleum activities in that lively Asia Pacific country.

Our mission statement is to keep covering the oil and gas sector in a lively, informative style consistent with a standard of excellence that will do justice to our readers, advertisers and associates.

Energy Publications has also achieved significant success in producing unique products:

  • Annual Papua New Guinea Industry Overview
  • Asia Pacific Subsea World
  • Oil & Gas Australia
  • Oil & Gas Asia
  • PNG Resources
  • Glossary of Terms & Phrases


  • All Australian Petroleum Services Directory
  • New Zealand Petroleum Services Directory
  • Papua New Guinea Services Directory
  • Western Australian Petroleum Services Directory

ENB at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydney in March provides comprehensive news and information on the Australasian energy industry. The daily news bulletin and website keeps subscribers up-to-date with developments across the industry.

 Oil & gas radar- Pex Publications’ flagship report since 1968, and the Australasian oil and gas exploration industry's premier scouting service, the peerless Oil and Gas Radar informs readers about what is currently happening in the Australian, NZ and PNG marketplaces, and what is likely to happen in the future. Oil and Gas Radar’s provides information ahead of mainstream media. Subject areas most often and most thoroughly reported in Oil & Gas Radar include current and future offshore rig moves and forward contracts, upcoming LNG and development project news, current and future seismic programs, onshore drilling activity reports, permit title awards, changes/ commitments and key oil industry personnel news. 

The report is highly suited to companies participating in or planning entry into the oil exploration and development industry in the Australasian region, in addition to related service companies ranging from rig, vessel, and seismic contractors, manning/personnel, transport and site catering providers.
Oil & Gas Radar covers up to 20 short items per week, accompanied by a basic chart to monitor drilling progress of current onshore and offshore wells. The format varies once per quarter as Radar publishes a three month forecast of planned drilling and seismic activity.

Unconventional oil and gas at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydney

What is Unconventional Oil & Gas?

Unconventional Oil & Gas is Australia’s only magazine dedicated to the growing unconventional oil & gas industry.
It is produced by Monkey Media and  is both a full-colour printed magazine, produced quarterly and an online portal.

  • An industry thought leader
  • Australia’s only dedicated Unconventional Oil & Gas magazine
  • Integrated across print and online
  • Quality technical content

Utility at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydne

What is Utility magazine?

Utility is Australia’s only dedicated utility magazine.

  • It covers Utility engineering, construction and maintenance and is currently available for free to all utility professionals in Australia
  • It covers all utilities including water and sewer, gas, electricity and communications and the NBN
  • Utility is both a full-colour printed magazine, and an online portal for all things utility.

ICIS at the Australian Domestic Gas Outlook 2016 conference held in Sydney in March

ICIS is the world's largest petrochemical market information provider and has fast-growing energy and fertilizer divisions. Our aim is to give companies in global commodities markets a competitive advantage by delivering trusted pricing data, high-value news, analysis and independent consulting, enabling our customers to make better-informed trading and planning decisions. We have more than 30 years' experience in providing pricing information, news, analysis and consulting to buyers, sellers and analysts. With a global staff of more than 800, ICIS has employees based in Houston, Washington, New York, London, Montpellier, Dusseldorf, Karlsruhe, Milan, Mumbai, Singapore, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Yantai, Tokyo and Perth. ICIS is a division of Reed Business Information, part of Reed Elsevier Plc.

Argus at the australian domestic gas outlook conference held in sydney in March 2016

Argus is a leading provider of data on prices and fundamentals, news, analysis, consultancy services and conferences for the global crude, oil products, natural gas, electricity, coal, emissions, bioenergy, fertilizer, petrochemical, metals and transportation industries. Data provided by Argus are widely used for indexation of physical trade. Companies, governments and international agencies use Argus information for analysis and planning purposes.

Argus is headquartered in London and has 750 full time staff in offices in Houston, Washington, New York, Calgary, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Dubai, Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow, Astana and other key centres of the commodity industries. Argus was founded in 1970 and is a privately held UK-registered company.


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